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Syndic Meeting Changes & Discussion Francais, English, E

Postby Sandra » Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:33 pm

عزيزي المالك
Cher propriétaire, Dear Owner, Estimado Propietario,

Veuillez noter que cet e-mail a été envoyé dans les trois langues. Les pièces jointes qui est un formulaire de procuration et deux soumissions détaillées des syndics professionnels sont en français.

Si vous êtes un AP1 Alcudia Smir lire cette note propriétaire et que vous n'avez pas cette information, s'il vous plaît envoyez-moi un message privé avec vos coordonnées et AP1 numéro d'appartement.

Please note that this email was sent in three languages. The attachments that is a proxy form and two detailed quotations from professional syndics are in French.

If you are an AP1 Alcudia Smir owner reading this note and do not have this information, please send me a private message with your contact details and AP1 apartment number.

Tenga en cuenta que este correo electrónico fue enviado en tres idiomas. Los archivos adjuntos que es una forma de poder y dos citas detalladas de síndicos profesionales están en francés.

Si usted es un propietario de Alcudia Smir AP1 leer esta nota y no tiene esta información, por favor envíame un mensaje privado con sus datos de contacto y número de apartamento AP1.

"I hope that the holy month of Ramadan found everybody well and that you are enjoying Eid.

Our complex must now turn to syndic matters. Please find attached the following documents:-
a) A proxy form that must be completed and signed if you cannot attend an annual general meeting. Your chosen proxy must show this owner signed and completed document at the meeting.
b) Two quotations from professional syndics from 2012. Please note that these quotes are approximately 2000 DHS per apartment less than our current rates.

The first question to all owners is has anybody received an official notice about the next annual meeting? There are rumours that it will be held on17 August at 6pm, but many people, including myself, have not received a notice.

A valid meeting must have a quorum of 50% of the owners otherwise no voting or agreements can take place. If there is not a quorum, a second meeting must take place within 30 days and owners must, once again, have 15 days notice of this meeting. A quorum is NOT required for the second meeting. This is part of the Moroccan Law 18.00 for condominiums.

If there is not a quorum of 50% of the owners at the first meeting, we can discuss matters and prepare owners for the second meeting. Owners may send a proxy if they cannot attend.

YOU MUST APPOINT A PROXY if you want to be represented at our annual meeting. You cannot just advise the syndic alone with an email.

PROXY RULES are as follows:-

1. Only one person can act as a proxy for one owner. Check your chosen proxy is not representing another owner.
2. Only one proxy per owner.
3. One apartment equals one vote. If you own multiple apartments, then you have multiple votes.
4. A proxy document must be completed and signed by an owner. It must be shown at the meeting.


New syndic members are required this year. Please click on this link to see AP1 General Meeting Key Points and Constitution to see available positions. It is in English but see below to use Google Translate.

You are encouraged to stand for positions. I, Sandra de Souza, am happy to stand on the committee as one of the three allowed advisors. I have gained experience with Moroccan law 18.00 over the last year due to various situations and have contacts at Amendis, Fnideq building department, Fnideq and Mdiq police and the Fnideq Caid. I hope to use these contacts to help improve life on our complex for example rubbish solutions. I also have experience with running other foreign apartments.


After the election of syndic members, owners can also vote to select self (direct) or professional (indirect) Syndic management. There are many advantages of a professional syndic especially for AP1 Alcudia Smir as most people do not live there all year around. We can discuss advantages and any disadvantages at a meeting.

Please find attached two detailed quotations from professional syndics that were given to me in July 2012.

These calculations are for everything divided by 280 apartments as an estimate. Apartment costs should be worked out per square meter. This is currently not the case.

1. Tourist Sakane - 1,570.71
With capital investment this depends on the type of work – about 300,000dhs – costs per annum 2642.14dhs per apartment

2. S4S - 1928,57 DHS.
With capital investment this depends on the type of work – about 300,000dhs – costs per annum 3000dhs per apartment

There are extra charges for electricity and communal water.

NOTE: Tourist Sakane offer another solution that is only to help and advise the syndic if we would like this would be an annual charge of 660 dhs per apartment.

We have plenty to discuss at our next general meeting".
S. de Souza
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