Status Update 5 - Court Appearance AP1 Syndic

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Status Update 5 - Court Appearance AP1 Syndic

Postby Sandra » Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:36 pm

Dear Owner

This note is an attempt to keep all owners updated with this matter. As usual, if we have your address details, you will also receive an email.

The court case is still ongoing.

The latest information from the courts is that the last judge (30 May 2013) said that elements from my case were missing and that printed emails were not acceptable. Verification can be arranged. We are waiting for the judge to reply with the reasons as they were not explained on the day.

Our next annual meeting will be due soon. Let us hope that lessons have been learnt from this regrettable but necessary process as attempts to help were denied. In summary, Moroccan Law 18.00 (as explained to me) states the following below:-

1. ALL OWNERS receive a written 15 day notice period of an annual general meeting.
2. If the quorum of 50% of owners is not attainable, then decisions cannot be made at this meeting. A second meeting must be called within 30 days and owners given another 15 days notice. This meeting can go ahead without the required 50% quorum.
3. Proxy and voting information is given so that absent owners can be represented if they so wish.

Proper accouts are submitted and preferrably audited. You can read owners' comments about this issue and others on "The Unofficial Alcudia Smir Forum"

Please help the syndic by submitting your latest address details to them. The syndic collected 75% of the owners' annual fees for 2011/2012 but only about 20% of the owners were advised of annual meetings with short notice. This happened over the last two years. Adequate notice is required so that people can make travel arrangements or organize a proxy. The remaining names of non payers were displayed in the AP1 blocks last summer. I also got your email address from a previous syndic communication to owners so they have some addresses, but it will be difficult to get everybody.

We have a lovely complex, and some of that is down to the current syndic. All we need is to get it running fairly and smoothly. Many of you have emailed good ideas particularly getting toilets around the pool, rubbish solutions, area for the children and an internet cafe/area.

As a syndicate, we can vote for committee members. We can then vote if we want the committee members to act as a syndic and employ who they wish to perform services (that is direct management) OR vote for a professional syndic that has to work with the elected syndicate members (that is indirect management).

Last year we received quotations from two professional syndics. Their costs including a sum for capital costs was about 3000DHS per annum. We are currently paying 5000DHS per annum. It is something to think about.
Click here for more details Annual General Meeting Key Points and Constitution
You can read this note, posts by other owners on this subject and other subjects on "The Unofficial Alcudia Smir Forum". It is mostly in English and was started in 2006, but you can cut and paste notes and place into Google translate to help you read forum posts. Arabic is also available - Arabic. I found this forum in July 2012. It is very useful as a communication tool.[/b]
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