AP1 Annual General Meeting Key Points and Constitution

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AP1 Annual General Meeting Key Points and Constitution

Postby Sandra » Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:19 pm

Dear Owners,

This note summarizes AP1 Annual General Meeting constitution and key points. There is a link to this note from Status 5: Court Appearance AP1 Syndic.


Key points on how to apply the law 18.00 for an extraordinary general meeting are listed below: -
• All owners must be officially notified by mail with notices
• The first meeting must have a quorum of 50% of AP1 owners
• A proxy is included as an owner in the quorum. Owners with multiple apartments must be added and can use the same proxy
• If a quorum of 50% of the owners is not reached, the first meeting is void and a second meeting must be convened. This second meeting must be held within 30 days after the first meeting and notification is 15 days.
• A quorum is not required for the second meeting. All points can be discussed and any votes implemented. Homeowners must always be informed
• All the above points are Moroccan law 18.00

A) What is the difference between a "syndic" and "syndicate"?
A "syndicate" is a collection of owners. A "syndic" is an elected group or a professional company that is instructed by the "syndicate" (owners) to organize all the work and related applications in the interest of all.

B) What is the difference between "direct" and "indirect" management?
"Direct" management allows the elected "syndicate" to act as a "syndic" and select the suppliers of materials and services as they wish.

"Indirect" management means that only a professional trustee must be used to provide materials and services in a complex. This means that the chosen professional supplier becomes the "syndic". This professional syndic works with and is instructed by the elected "syndicate" (owners).

As owners, we have a choice to select between "direct" or "indirect" management. This is decided by vote at a general meeting.

It takes hard work and serious on-going management for a site to be successful. There must be a permanent presence on the part of the syndic. We all know that there are people that do not care, others are too busy and others that live in different countries. We hope that the current owners and the syndic see this as an opportunity to engage more homeowners and improve the way we operate.


The following documents listed below are required for a meeting: -
a) A complete agenda, including the election of a new syndic, direct or indirect management, accounts and previous meeting minutes.
b) Committee member positions
i. President
ii. Vice-president
iii. Treasurer
iv. Vice-Treasurer
v. Secretary
vi. Deputy Secretary
vii Up to three advisors
c) Proxies
You can appoint someone to represent you at this meeting if you cannot attend. Only one person may represent only one owner. You must verify that the proxy you choose is not acting for another owner. If you own more than one apartment, this allows you to have multiple votes.
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