Void Syndic Mtg 19 July & Request for Obligatory 2nd Mee

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Void Syndic Mtg 19 July & Request for Obligatory 2nd Mee

Postby Sandra » Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:55 pm

See below the current status of AP1 general assembly 2012. Jelloul Excelia Syndic advisor must advise the Syndic ref. the below. A letter went to him today in French copied to about 5 other AP1 owners.

Hello Jelloul,

There was not a quorum of owners at our assemble generale on 19 July.

As you know, we must by law 18.00, have a second meeting within 30 days in addition there must be notification to ALL owners 15 days before. I would like to propose Saturday 25 August. This means that the Syndic must notify all members by 10 August. I have taken professional advice from a professional syndic.

After my letter trying to encourage owners to participate, one of the French people asked for a meeting between those that are not heppy with the Syndic. There were 13 of us that met on the 17 July next to the swimming pool. We want to change the Syndic. In addition, there is a forum (English) on the internet. There are people with the same problems as me and are not happy.

There are people that wish to stand for roles on the Syndic including the role of President and Treasurer. We need to add to the agenda of the second meeting "Election of Syndic roles for 2012/2013". Allal says that he is in the role for two years, but Alcudia Smir rules are only a guideline. We, as owners, can ask for election of a new Syndic. If Allal wants to stand, he has the right to do so.

We need to send out to the owners the following information by email or post:
1. Minutes of the last meeting 2011/12 and proper accounts
2. Agenda of the second meeting. This must include "election of syndic roles" and afterwards another item vote on "direct" or "indirect" running of the complex. This must be explained to the owners. I can prepare a document if required.
3. Nomination slips (I have a sample copy if required)
4. Proxy forms (I have a sample copy if required)

I am happy to help the Syndic with the sending out of this information, but I need all the owners' email addresses. I only have a few. Can you send me a file with this information? I also have quotations from two professional Syndic companies that can help with running our complex

As you are advisor to the Syndic, I need you to help me get the to understand the law 18.00 in relation to meetings. There are other owners that wish to change the current Syndic if possible and they have the right to request a vote. If the current President retains his position so be it, but he is not entitled to two years if he is not doing a good job and causing issues with owners.

A plainte can be raised in Tetouan with any contravention of law 18.00. I know where the office is and what to do. The Syndic MUST abide by this law. One of the Syndic members even told me that he did not need to send a notification to all members. This attitude is crazy and AGAINST the law.

People need to travel so early notification of this meeting is important. In addition, people may need to organize their proxy if they cannot attend. I hope that you can help to guide the Syndic in this matter Jelloul.

Happy to help,
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Postby Colin » Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:18 am

This is good work Sandra, I think a lot of people will appreciate your efforts to instill some accountability into the syndicate.

I have never met or had any dealings with anyone on the syndicate. However, I have also never been notified of any meetings, never been notified of any outcomes of these meetings, never seen any accounts etc…

I think what we need to do is reach out to all owners in AP1. We need to be able to notify every one of meetings, with as much notice as possible to allow people to arrange to go, or leave proxy votes so the true will of owners is reflected (whatever that will may be). Currently, only a small proportion are represented at the various meetings, I can’t imagine this is an effective means of representing the needs of as many owners as possible.

I actually don’t know how many apartments there are in AP1, but the half dozen or so that post here are not a large proportion. There may be more people reading that do not post, a good starting point may be to find out who those people are, and if everyone knows any other owners (people in the apartment next door? – I’m about to email the owner of the apartment next door to me).

I think the very least we need from a syndicate – even if not democratically elected – is accountability, we need good and justifiable accounts as a bare minimum.

Does anyone have ideas on how we can start to reach all owners of AP1? Again, a noticeboard on site, or letters on site only reaches some, I am only over for maybe 3 weeks in the year, so will not pick up on these things, but it might be something that should be done as well as several different efforts to make contact with people?
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ap 1

Postby indy » Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:57 pm

Hi ,

I have an AP 1 apartment

could u please keep me informed

my email is


thanks :D
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Postby Sandra » Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:01 am

Sure....also watch this space....
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